PIN2DMD Tutorials


For activation you need an activation key (#xxxxxx.key-file)

This file can only be obtained through point 3.
In case you will be redirected to a german paypal page you can donate directly to jamann (at), using your mail address, serial number and type of device!

Please ALWAYS specify which kind of device you have: PIN2DMD, PIN2DMD-XL or GoDMD
A later change is NOT!!! possible

Normally the key-file is sent within 48 hours to you Email address, please also check you Spam-folder!
Please copy that #xxxxxxx.key file to your MicroSD-card and insert that card into the slot on your device.
On the next boot of your device it will be automatically activated and stays so until you do an update even if the card is removed.
But without card you won't be able to save specific settings like device mode, color and brightness.