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PinMoC - Pinball interactive Mod Control

  With  P inball i n teractive  Mo d...
With Pinball interactive Mod Control or PinMoC you can fulfill the dream of the interactive mod !!! We have created a system capable of easily and flexibly realizing all sorts of mods. Be it a CftBL video hologram, a fully interactive backglass, or other things like:
- Shaker for WPC / 95 Flipper
- Real Knocker for Stern SAM / Spike (only for Flipper with DMD)
- Tron Arcade Mod
- interactive light modes (ambient lighting or other light scenarios)

In addition, we have installed the PIN2DMD functionality with which it is possible to equip all pinball machines with a colored DMD.
All variants of 128x16, 128x32 and 192x64 are possible!

Web interface or configuration via txt file or simply the mod, you decide!
PinMoC can be easily configured via web interface. All options are nicely displayed and can be configured with a few mouse clicks or via touch screen.
If there is an Internet connection, updates via the Internet are also possible to download new enhancements or to bring in improvements.

PinMoC is simply installed by means of supplied screws at a free position in the flipper, or can be attached by double-sided adhesive tape or similar. be installed reversibly. A power supply with sufficient power for up to 5 parallel mods is also included as well as a detailed user manual.
Contact with the flipper itself is made via the ribbon cable of the DMD to the flipper. We also supply a sufficiently dimensioned and specially adapted cable to each PinMoc base unit.

PinMoc already provides the connectors for the most commonly used extensions:
- PIN2DMD output for all types of DMD displays (128x16, 128x32, 192x64)
- PinMoC shaker connection
- PinMoC-Undercab Light connection
- PinMoC-RGB Playfiled Light Kit / leg protectors connector
- RS232 connector
In addition, the base unit has 2 freely configurable outputs, each with a 5V and a 12V connection
PinMoc Base Set and unversal Mods

Base-unit and universal mods such as: - Shaker - Beacon - Knocker...

PIN2DMD Extensions

Our PIN2DMD extensions are optimally adapted to our PinMoC...


Interaktiver Topper oder Backglass, in dieser Kategorie finden...

Pinball specific

PinMoC Extensions for certain games. Each Mod is specially...

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