Teensy Control Box

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Teensy Controller for controlling DOF-based addressable WS2812b LEDs

Nice little enclosure, no naked, ugly pcb like OctoWS
Update: Teensy 4.0 Teensy 3.2
8 preconfigured Outputs:
Playfield back
Playfield right
Playfield left
new: Buttons right
new: Buttons left
new: Speaker Rings
new: addr. Flasher Bar
Undercab complex

preconfigured as in description

Category: VPin

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Delivering with the newest Teensy 4.0!
We also expanded the output ports to 8(!!!)
To identify issues with config or wiring we added a small bootup animation

Important notice:
You don't need to follow any confusing or outdated tutorials how to program the box.
We have already installed our own custom firmware to the box.
No Arduino IDE needs to be installed, no programming needed.

Simply configure the provided files and done!


We proudly present our sweet litlle Teensy Control Box!

With our easy to install, a reliable 5V power supply and our prewired and precut addressable LED-Matrix and stripes it's easy to setup DOF controlled MX lights.

Depending on table, different effects are displayed on back, sides and under the playfield.
These effects are controlled through DOF and the configuration files of the corresponding table settings.

Our little box contains a preprogrammed Teensy 3.2 which is configured to match our custom made LED packages
and has 4 outputs for:
Playfield Back MX - 8x48 Matrix
Playfield left MX - 1m/144 WS2812b LED Strip
Playfield right MX - 1m/144 WS2812b LED Strip
Undercab complex MX - 2x1m/144 WS2812b LED Strip

The Set contains of:
Teensy 3.2
4 above mentioned preconfigured outputs with the matching terminals/cables for solderless and crimp-free mounting your stripes 
4 Power inputs (screw terminals) for even power distribution of all connected devices

Just simply clip your strip into the matching port and it's ready to go, no fiddling, no loose wires no ugly, bare pcb!

All you need is copy 2 provided files (cabinet.xml and directoutputconfig30.xml) to your DirectOutput directory

If you need a different configuration just simply leave a note or contact us before ordering.

For propper function a power supply (5V >25A) and of course LED Matrix and/or LED stripes are needed.
Both can be found at our shop.

Bedienungs- und Installationsanleitung

installation and instructions manual

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5 from 5 Works Great!

A very well put together piece of kit saving myself time and messing with soldering. For the price itĺs really a no brainer. Highly recommended!

., 06.03.2020
Total entries: 10
5 from 5 Awesome product

Teensy box works amazing ..was well packaged shipped fast and was straight forward to setup thx to the included setup instructions!....jerman gaming went above and beyond in the customer care department Dominik was professional /friendly /and did not give up till all was working the way it should .

., 01.08.2019
5 from 5 Best option for Virtual Pinball Builders

i have tried 2 teensy and OSW2811 soldering projects will terrible results. I purchased this and as advertised it was plug and play. had to work out some issues with install and the technical support was there to assist. this Teesny Control Box is the standard in my book.

., 17.08.2020
4 from 5 Its great but have flaws and can be improved

After some time from buying it Im finally in the process of building my cab and I have noticed 3 flaws with the teensy control box... 1. the output cables are poorly soldered, they are already weakened althoug Ive only connected 3 times to them and they are very loose on the pcb 2. the box top is openable, but it needs more fitting because when mounted at the side wall the top is getting loose and falls off 3. and the most important, the mounting screew holes are not M3 screew size which makes it impossible to use the standard PBC L legs :( to sum up, a great product with great support, but some space for improvements for V2.0 version.

., 26.09.2020
Reply from German Gaming Supplies:

Hello Lukasz,

We greatly appreciate your comment and already did some minor tweaks inside since you purchased your set.

Kind regards
Dominik Dancsˇ

5 from 5 Great product

A+ support help me settup Tennsy

., 14.01.2021
5 from 5 It came on time and was in good order.

It did exactly what its says on the tin

., 10.05.2022
5 from 5 Awesome product, easy to use

German gaming supplies offers an excellent solution for addressable LEDs , truly plug and play. Dominik was very helpful in getting me up and running and making sure I had the correct config files and helping troubleshoot to get everything going correctly, great customer service and a great product overall

., 27.06.2022
5 from 5 Working as intended

Suggestion for better instructions for people with no idea how things work.

., 10.08.2022
5 from 5 Easy and future proof !

I installed the side leds trips and the matrix for the moment and everything works perfectly out of the box!
I am very pleased with the Teensy Box, it changes a lot the experience! and especially that it is easy extensible up to 8 led strips.

., 16.01.2023
5 from 5 Awesome product!

I had previously tried to follow tutorials to make my own addressable led control box but failed. This product made it really easy to hook together. In addition, Dominik assisted me when I had an issue with the software setup. Excellent product and excellent customer service! This product adds so much to your cabinet. Addressable led effects rock! Cannot recommend enough!

., 10.02.2023
5 from 5 Great, well priced, easy to hook up!

Amazing product for adding addressable LEDs, really is plug and play. Just order this if you want to add addressable LEDs, its the easiest and cheapest solution available in this hobby. I would just recommend Dominik you update this item page listing! People need to see how amazing the new teensy 4.0 version is. Also it can make it kind of confusing wondering exactly what you are getting when you buy it. Also the English versions description needs an update for just the newer version. As of right now, its kind of got the old version description still, and the new one. Just a little confusing and a recommendation is all. Still love your products! Thanks for making my v-pin cabinet build that much easier for me. I just finished a month ago after a year and I am in love. This hobby is like a drug I swear 😂 Im obsessed!

., 23.02.2023
Total entries: 10

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